SNAEC offers adult education courses in a variety of subject areas from grades 10, 11 and 12 as well as a Literacy program that allows students to refresh knowledge and upgrade skills in English, Math, Science and computers prior to entering credit courses at SNAEC.


Students taking adult education courses have the option of completing a Mature Student Diploma (8 credits) or Regular High School Diploma (30 credits). High school graduates also have the option to upgrade their education in preparation for post secondary studies by taking specific courses.


Mature Student Diploma Program

  • Eight Manitoba high school credits are required to earn a Mature Student Diploma.

  • Four credits must be at the Senior 4 (Grade 12) level and must include Math 40S and English 40S. The other four credits can be credits earned in grades 9 to 11. More information regarding the Mature Student diploma can be found at

To obtain a Mature Student High School Diploma, a student:

  • must be 19 years of age or over at the time of enrolment in school division/district or ALC programming directed at completing the Mature Student Graduation Requirements, or reach the age of 19 before completion of the course(s) in which he or she is enrolled;

  • must have been out of school six months or more, and out of school long enough for the class, of which he or she was last a member, to have graduated from Senior Years; and

  • must not have obtained a high school diploma.

Regular High School Diploma Program


To receive a Regular High School Diploma from St. Norbert Adult Learning a student must be 19 years of age and fulfill the graduation requirements as follows:


Grade 9-12 Minimum of 30 credits. Required credits include:


  • Grade 9 and Grade 10 (5 credits per year to total 10 credits) 

  • Language arts (English) (1 credit per year) 

  • Mathematics (1 credit per year) 

  • Sciences (1 credit per year) 

  • Social studies (1 credit per year) 

  • Physical education (including health) (1 credit)

  • Grade 11 (4 credits) 

  • Language arts (English) (1 credit ) 

  • Mathematics 

  • Social studies or History (1 credit per year) 

  • Physical education (1 credit)

Grade 12 (3 credits) 

  • Language arts (English) 

  • Mathematics 

  • Physical education (including health) (1 credit)

Note: Physical Education Credits are now required at the grade 11 and 12 for regular diploma stream.

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