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SNAEC offers adult education courses in a variety of subject areas from grades 10, 11 and 12.


Students at St. Norbert Adult Education Centre have the option of completing a Mature Student High School Diploma (8 credits) or taking upgrading courses in preparation for post secondary studies (if they already have a High School Diploma)

Diploma Program

Mature Student Diploma Program

  • Eight Manitoba high school credits are required to earn a Mature Student Diploma.

  • Four credits must be at the Senior 4 (Grade 12) level and must include Math 40S and English 40S. The other four credits can be credits earned in grades 9 to 11. More information regarding the Mature Student diploma can be found at

To obtain a Mature Student High School Diploma, a student:

  • must be 19 years of age or over at the time of enrolment in school division/district or ALC programming directed at completing the Mature Student Graduation Requirements, or reach the age of 19 before completion of the course(s) in which he or she is enrolled;

  • must have been out of school six months or more, and out of school long enough for the class, of which he or she was last a member, to have graduated from Senior Years; and

  • must not have obtained a high school diploma.

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